Yoga has many health benefits. Here are some of them.

  • Reduce risks of heart disease
  • Lower back and joint pain
  • Reduce stress

The following articles, quotes and research provides more information about the benefits of yoga in health.

HEALTH ENHANCEMENT (Quotes from Yoga Journal)

Medical science is finally validating that yoga works. Yoga is less expensive and a more effective method of rehabilitation. The Hanover Medical University found a substantial reduction in risk factors for heart disease and The Pennsylvania School of Medicine noted...

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INJURIES (Quotes from The Times)

According to The Society of Sports Therapists, the increase in injuries sustained in yoga practice is due to poor teaching and poor technique. There has always been a wide choice of yogic traditions, but the present stampede to bag a mat space next celebrity is losing...

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BACK PAIN (Quotes from The Times)

Lower back pain affects 80 per cent of the UK population and trials at the University of York confirmed that yoga is more effective in alleviating back pain than conventional medical treatment. Similarly, Arthritis Research UK stated that there are compelling...

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