I am fully aware that it takes years of practice to realise that yoga can be part of one’s life and also a kind of guide and helping hand in times of stress. To realise this pleasant state one has to consider yoga in the traditional sense. It is completely counterproductive to invent reasons for yoga or to adapt yoga in order to suit the world of image or to fight boredom.

In recent year I have come across yoga for dogs; yoga in the nude; and even karaoke yoga. A recent article in the Times Magazine was discussing the importance of clothes.” Does one need to torture oneself consorting with yoga types in order to wear yoga wear or can one relax in one’s favourite exercise class in the same outfit?” is the topic on offer.

And the conclusion reached by this riveting debate? – Apparently there is no shame in wearing a yoga vest providing it does not have a built-in-bra. Phew! What a relief that is! Never mind that with this observation foremost in mind one will never learn to practice yoga or reap any benefits. Long live fad!

There was a time when I assumed that any publicity or stunt which brings yoga into people’s lives is beneficial. Not anymore. The dilution of the original beautiful idea has reached such ridiculous proportions that what is now on offer in many yoga studios can only lead to unhappiness, frustration or injury.

In conclusion, I can only repeat the wonderful words of a wise yoga teacher Vanda Scaravelli:
‘To absorb the teaching of yoga requires infinite time and no ambition’.