Vanda scaravelliI did not have a chance to learn from Vanda Scaravelli directly but I did learn from Diane and Sophy who were both her pupils. I have read and re-read her book ‘Awakening the spine. ’ There is breathtaking beauty and wisdom on every page. As the title indicates, she concentrated her teaching on how to use the spine to bring freedom to the whole body.

Vanda Scaravelli strongly discouraged a following based on her name, claiming that yoga has been in existence for some 3000 years and does not belong to anybody.

As yoga is becoming more and more fashionable, more and more disciplines are springing up with the quality of the teaching equally varied. Few of the people attracted to yoga are completely aware what are they letting themselves into.

To absorb the teaching of Vanda Scaravelli requires infinite time and a healthy dose of humility. It also requires curiosity to discover what happens to the body during practice. Yoga should not be training to gain control; on the contrary, it must lead to understanding of letting go. Even this point is often maligned; relaxation is more often associated with a limp body rather than simply undoing tension. It is essential not to fight the body for the glory of the pose.

I can go on about this wonderful lady I never met. Read her book and seek out teachers associated with her and you will find a new world of yoga.

‘Teaching is not an imposition of the teacher’s will over that of the pupil, not at all. Teaching starts with freedom and ends with freedom.’ – Vanda Scaravelli

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